Bulk Buy

Bulk buy 20-500+ plasters or other art activity for your next event.
Great for schools, preschools, OSHC, vacation care, youth groups, churches, fetes, fundraisers and more.

Some of our bulk buy projects are:


Plaster Painting

Paint a plaster model with acrylic paint then gloss and glitter.


Canvas Painting

Paint a small or medium canvas with our artists quality watercolour and acrylic paint.


Excavation Kits

Dig out gem stones or fossils from plaster blocks using archaeological tools.


Fabric Painting

Decorate a tote bag, hat, apron or cushion cover with fabric paints and markers.


Wooden Projects

Decorate a wand, mask, or ornament with paints, jewels and glitter.


Sand Art

Create a sand picture, bottle or jar with coloured and glitter sand.


Silk Painting

Paint a silk panel or sun catcher with silk paints.

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