Art & Craft Parties

At Studio Make our parties are creative and have a personal touch. Choose from our range of parties or if you have something special in mind please email us as we can be flexible and have experience in a range of arts and crafts.

Your friendly party host will support and entertain the children with their projects and assist you with everything through the event. Included in each party are the projects, smocks, popcorn, fairy bread, cordial, water and cups as well as a lolly bag for each guest.

You are more than welcome to bring a cake for your party. Please remember to bring candles, plates, serviettes and forks. Also, bring a large bag to take your birthday presents home.

When the projects are complete and have been dried we wrap them in tissue paper and place them inside white party bags which are then ready to send home with each guest at the end of the party.

A party booking must have a minimum of 10.

Optional Extras


Face Painting

is available for an additional $5 per child.


Nail Polish

children get their nails painted at an
additional $2 per child.


Pass the Parcel

(with a gift inside each layer) is available for an additional $2.50 per child. Your party host will run the game with music.


Gold Tattoos

available for an extra $2 per child.


Glitter Hairspray

get your glitter on with some glitter hairspray at $2 per child.


Unicorn Putty

add some to the lolly bags as an extra gift
at $4.50 each.


Giant Freckle

Include a Freckleberry 40grm Freckle in each lolly bag for $2 per freckle.


Magic butterfly

$2.75 each


Fairy Dust

add some magical fairy dust to the party
bag, $4 each.


Bag of Gemstones

add to the party bag for $4.50 each.


Seedling super high bounce galaxy ball

$3.65 each

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